Bed & Breakfast "Heimdallhuset"
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Beautifully situated in the south swedish countryside you'll find Skånes Värsjö. Although the village has historical significance its true attraction lies in its natural surroundings. The opulent scenery that characterizes the swedish countryside hereabouts starts right outside our front door.
(Insignificant in size, fewer than 100 inhabitants, it yet boasts a number of souvenirs from the past century, like the beautiful bicycle and walking path that used to be the old railroad.)

Heimdallhuset is the name we gave to the yellow wooden house that we fell in love with and that made us decide to leave Holland and move to Sweden in 2010. After more than a year of hard work  we managed to turn our house into a home and a spacious bed and breakfast location. ’We’ are Chris and Saskia van Onck-Daanen and our children Runar and Eydis.
Inspired by Nordic mythology we gave the house and the guest areas names that come from these ancient tales.
Since Heimdallhuset has several lakes and woods in its close environment a stay here allows for both relaxation and for more active pursuits. But also for users of the E-4 it’s a suitable address to spend a comfortable night: approximately 40 minutes from Helsingborg and less than 10 from the highway.
Our breakfast comes with home-baked bread.

We are open the whole year.
Bed & Breakfast "Heimdallhuset"